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Friday, May 21, 2010

I've been a little negligent...

But I promise this weekend to get back in gear. I'll be posting more generalized content on PadreTex from now on. This will concern the Christian life in general. What I will no longer post here are items related to the Western Rite, not because anyone has been upset with my comments on these things or even said anything in the least bit negative. Rather, I am creating a new blog just for those issues. I am hopeful that this will make this blog more useful and helpful to the faithful of St. George (and others too).

The other blog, "PadreTex Born in the West" will allow me to make even more specific comments about the Western Rite, as well as suggestions and so forth. All who know me, know that I love that Rite and am committed to seeing it thrive, but it seems to be in some difficult times at the moment. Some will say that it has always seemed so, but that surely is an overstatement. Well, much of this is little post is more applicable to the new blog, so I'll cease.

I hope that you will feel welcome to drop in on the other one from time to time. I also hope this will allow me to better wear the right hat at the right time!

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